Get a Chipping Hammer for a Student

A welding chipping hammer is very important if you are looking for high quality and clean weld all the time. No matter how good you are at welding, if it is not clean, then it may not pass inspection. While many people know that they need to buy a welding hammer, they do not really give much thought to the whole thing. They just buy the next one that they find in the market.

After my daughter decided that she would pursue welding as her career choice, much to my joy and to the chagrin of her mom who wanted her to do something more “feminine,” I wanted to buy her a few times before she left for college. I have been in this business for many years now, and one thing that I know is that a man is as good as his tools.

Small tools to start a welding career

Among some of the tools that I am planning to buy for my daughter include the best small wire cutters. These are important for making clean cuts on small wires. Rather than try to do this with a pair of pliers, which may fray the edges and affect the quality of the wire, I want her to use the right tool for the job.

The second item is a welding hammer. As I was looking for one, I found that these come in all sizes, styles and shapes. In fact, there is quite a wide variety such that a person can be a bit confused about the best one to pick. Thus, it requires some footwork to get the best one.

Since this is not the same chipping hammer that you would use for chopping on rock, well, you know, like in the movie The Shawshank Redemption, you need to choose the best one. Remember, it will be used on metal, so it had better be of the best quality.

What is the best weld chipping hammer

If you can, look for a drop forged welding hammer. Drop forging is the process of heating metals to red hot status and then hitting them into any shape that you want. This same method was used centuries ago to make knights’ swords. Such a hammer would be of very high quality and would last a long time. It will definitely cost more, but it will be worth everything that you pay for it.

You might be looking for a small welding hammer. However, do not make it so small such that you have a hard time holding it, or you put your hands in danger any time you have to hit at a corner weld. 12 inches of size is deemed ideal.

Consider also the weight of the hammer. Too heavy is not good for your wrists especially when you have a hefty welding job. However, too light is also not good as you need some good weight to beat the weld to clean it. The least weight that you should consider for your welding hammer is 12 oz.

The handle material should be considered keenly. Wood is good but rubber is even better since it is anti-slip and long lasting. Then there are spring grips that do a good job of absorbing the vibrations.

After much deliberation, I decided to order the following two chipping hammers for welding, one for my daughter and the other for myself.

US Forge Welding Hammer

US Forge 99300

This one is made of steel for both the spring grip, the shaft and even the head. It is without doubt one of the longest lasting welding hammers in the market. This hammer is shaped into a pointy end on one end and a chisel on the other side. You will find them both quite handy at various points in your welding career.


  • Absorbs vibrations very well
  • It is quite durable
  • Drop forged and heat treated head makes it good
  • Looks quite stylish and futuristic


  • A bit light, only best for light-duty welding jobs

Estwing Big Blue welding chipping hammer

Estwing Big Blue E3 - WC

This is a drop forged steel hammer, which assures you of durability and total usefulness. It is drop-forged as one large piece and so without joints, you will find that it can last a long time. The length of the hammer is 11 inches. The handle is made of thick rubber, which does a good job of absorbing the vibrations. Once you see it, you will agree that this is the best welding chipping hammer.


  • Can be used for professional jobs
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Made of high quality drop-forged steel
  • Good length to keep your hands safe


  • Though it tries, the rubber still allows some vibrations